How to Build User Profiles

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User Profiles help us understand the needs, wants and behaviours of our end-users (such as customers, clients, investors, followers, etc). To build out a User Profile all you need to do is exercise a little compassion, consideration and probability.

Start by identifying who your core-audience is (who are you serving) and list out 2-3 "groups of people" that you recognize with specific needs, behaviours and tendencies. Each of these groups will now become our User Profiles. Let's give each one a name and pretend that they are a single person who represents everyone else in that group with them (we're going to call these 'personas').

TIP: If you aren't sure who your 2-3 groups or 'key users' are I encourage you to try out this helpful energetic exercise called "There's the door..." –it walks you through a visualization of being in a room with 100 people and making statements that help either remove people from the room or sort them into sections.

By the end of the exercise you'll have identified your "top 3-10 best clients" (Group 01) and sorted the rest of the people into smaller, distinct groups (Group 02, 03) that help you better understand their needs, desires and likelihood of interactions.

When building out your User Profiles your goal is to really empathize with your users and put yourself in their shoes. Consider what their motivations, desires and needs are. Ask yourself "if I was this person, what am I experiencing that would lead me to look for a solution?" (are they frustrated? Tired? Scared? Curious? Overwhelmed? Motivated?) –what is contributing towards those frustrations, fears or feelings for them and where is it pointing them towards?

Then ask yourself questions like "how do they spend their time, where are they looking for these solutions?" –this will lead us towards positioning ourselves in front of them so we can help be that solution.

TIP: If you're motivated, dig a little deeper and think about other influencing factors that might be preventing or stressing them out: if you can consider these aspects and present a more meaningful solution for them you will never have any problems finding new customers.

This process takes about 20-60 minutes and will significantly increase the quality and effectiveness of your marketing. The reason it's so powerful is because it helps you clarify your messaging. Each time you produce content, offers or campaigns you're now pointing that effort in more effective and meaningful directions.

When you build personas, the goal is to really empathize with your users and put yourself in their shoes. The way we do this is by asking the right questions. Download the User Profile Workbook for details on how we build user profiles at The Digital Muse.

Included in the workbook is an example of a persona we created based on the Seasoned Agricultural and Industrial Company user type. We named him Chris Bowman (which is a made-up name, so if there’s a Chris Bowman out there reading this it’s purely coincidental) and gave him the archetype of “The Entrepreneurial Good-Ol-Boy”. The name, business, archetype, story, and everything about this user is made up to give us a realistic character that we would likely be serving in our area.

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