Observing the "vibration" of successful marketing practices

I've been a professional web developer, designer and digital marketer for nearly 15 years now– which has given me the luxury of having seen trends come and go when it comes the way that we are applying technology to our dreams and goals.

In the last few years I've been consistently caught off guard by how "difficult" some of the things my clients are trying to do for themselves when it comes to marketing and "getting themselves out there". They, like many entrepreneurs are trying to do "all the things" everybody is telling them 'need to' or 'should be' doing to make a name for themselves online. Social media, email marketing, websites, digital products, courses and programs.... the list goes on and on when it comes to "all the things" we can be doing to market and promote ourselves.

It's... a lot. It's a lot for big brands to do with teams and teams of people; and it's a lot for smaller organizations and entrepreneurs to manage for themselves too. There is simply so much to keep up with and stay on top of. So I consider my job to help my clients move through this frenzied energy of options and do my part to set them up for success, regardless of the conditions...

Studying the 'threads' of "success"

In all the years I've been doing this I've had the privilege of getting to see what works (consistently) regardless of which platform, technology or format my clients are trying to express themselves through. What I noticed almost seemed crazy.... it seemed "too easy" in some cases and "silly" in others. So I decided to

No matter how much time, energy or money I saw brands, organizations and entrepreneurs 'throw at their problems' I started to see a common thread in those that "succeeded" and those that 'did all the right things' and still had lack-lustre results. For the longest time I thought "I must be doing something wrong, I must be overlooking something or guiding them in the wrong directions" – it honestly plagued me. Why was "it working" for some of my clients, and it wasn't working for others? I'd gone through the same process, set them up with the same tools (websites, integrations, platforms, channels, you name it... on paper they had everything they needed to 'succeed').... and yet their results were unpredictable. It was incredibly frustrating, as a professional, to not be able to help 'guarantee' my clients results when in theory it "should've been working" for everyone.

So I started studying it. I studied what was happening from the stance of web, marketing, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and aspects of spirituality. It seemed crazy for me to 'bridge the gap' between quantum physics and what I do as a "day job" but my inherent interest in these fields as a hobby started bleeding through. I'd been studying the effects of brainwaves on creativity for several years (learning how to help 'induce' my clients into more predictive and high-performing states of creative expression). I'd also been studying the impact of 'neural rewriting' (literally carving new pathways in the brain) to overcome limiting habits, patterns, beliefs and ways of thinking as a means of moving me up to the next level in my personal and professional life.

The thread throughout these studies was an awareness that "there is more than meets the eye" when it comes to the way that we are showing up in the world and applying ourselves.

Attitude matters. Vibration matters.

Then, after about two years of impartially studying the patterns in my clients, their businesses and their "successes" I started to trust what I was cluing into. From an analytical, logical point of view it really did seem silly.. but the correlating factors I saw in those that succeeded (some of them, wildly) and those that seemed to 'do all the right things' but still end up drained (not getting the sales, not catching on with their audiences) was their attitude, and what I now know to be their "vibration".

What I witnessed and observed was that those who were "well aligned" (had great attitudes, resilient mindsets and a genuine belief in themselves and their offerings) –was that they were performing at much higher rates than those who were 'doing all the right things' but weren't quite as 'tuned in' to the vibrational reality their counterparts were experiencing.

And this is the part where I thought I might lose you.

It seems silly doesn't it? To think that "all my work" and all the things I'm witnessing others do in the realm of online marketing, web design, integrations, content might somehow come down to an additional/external force like "having a good attitude" –or more so, on the quantum and vibrational realm: "being a vibrational match" for 'success' in whatever capacity that takes for my clients, their dreams and aspirations.

This has been my observations to date. And up until recently it felt very silly to share something like this in the professional realm of online marketing. Something shifted though. I started listening and trusting myself, and the nudges a bit more. I gave myself more credit as a professional who has been studying this, academically and experientially for over a decade.

Something about the frenzied energy of online marketing and the way I saw it draining my clients, and consumers in general... wasn't sitting right with me. I observed the patterns as an outsider and thought "why do we have to be doing it this way?" What if there is something to what I've been noticing... and it can be further fostered to help more well-aligned businesses truly make an impact in the world?

"What else is possible?"

A couple of years ago a mentor of mine introduced me to the concept of "what else is possible" –it borrows from Access Consciousness; a body of energetic and psychological 'tools' that allows individuals {who subscribe to this body of work} to literally 'access consciousness' and tap into levels of wonder and greatness that our otherwise limited thinking usually prevents us from being able to. The idea is that consciousness unto itself is "non conclusive" (just like within the quantum realm, everything is possible and exists as a field of infinite possibilities) –and that we are able to access even greater potentials when we ask questions rather than form conclusions.

That's where I stand right now. A level of curiosity and wonder; writing my first blog about my findings and observations of what I deem"Vibrational Marketing" –with the intent of being able to share these findings with others.

I'll be honest, I'm a little 'scared' of being judged for these 'crazy ideas' –for suggesting that marketing, business and "serious, real world things" can be impacted and influenced by 'good, well-aligned attitudes' and 'vibrational (conscious, energetic and quantum) principals'. On the other hand though... what if my curiosity and will to share/explore these principals helped make it infinitely easier for others to run "energetically viable businesses" and lead increasingly healthy, fulfilled lives? What if they could feel more confident knowing that their efforts and investments were well supported not just by the technology and marketing they need to operate their businesses; but by the energetic principals that help define and guide degrees of success therein?

I wonder... what else is possible?

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