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The Digital Muse is here to support the evolution of conscious consumerism. That means less "pain-point selling" (manipulating, or taking advantage of people at their worst) and more "structures for success" (giving people new models, entryways and pathways to accomplish their goals and nourish their needs). 


We've spent years studying the influence of neuroscience, business intuition and the power of habit on the results of 

We cut through the noise of volume-based marketing by drawing on the power of habit, neuroscience and business intuition to create extraordinary results that often defy logic, if we're being honest.


We're one small part of the equation. The real magic is YOU. The services you offer, the deeds you do and the people you support are the ones that are actually out there making the world a better place.


We help you "reduce the clutter" (of limiting beliefs, fixations and attachments to how things need to be) and work with you to develop your very own "Path of Least Resistance Marketing"


This basically means: we love getting big results with less effort. We love genuinely making a difference,

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