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✨ Something magical is happening!✨ |  Check back in early June 2023 for updates to THE DIGITAL MUSE services and experiences

Melanie The Digital Muse -Chair in Meadow.jpg

I'm an intuitive web developer and digital marketer who alchemizes business, technology and creative energies into high-performing systems of impact

I provide training, direction and digital marketing services to brands that are struggling to maximize their sales, develop bigger audiences and streamline their online experiences.

Hello I'm Melanie The Digital Muse,

"We decided marketing doesn't have to suck, and selling doesn't have to feel 'slimey'. Get ready to find out how we can help raise your brands' vibration and open up to even more abundance"

Can't wait until we re-launch in June?

Contact with questions, or book a call!


Want to learn more before we re-launch?

We work exclusively with "High-Vibe, Heart-Centric, Mission-Based Brands"

The Digital Muse specializes in helping clients identify and implement "business and lifestyle-friendly" solutions that maximize their energetic and financial investments.


We work together to identify new, regenerative and more sustainable means of generating incomes based on their specialties, gifts and willingness to apply (or improve) themselves in some areas.

We unravel 'old ways of doing things' and implement new solutions that focus on efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyability. 

I am most valuable to those who have a vision “a fire in their belly” and have been frustrated by the lack of support, options and directions offered elsewhere in the market. If this sounds like you, let’s talk:

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