Hello I'm Melanie The Digital Muse,
I'm an intuitive web developer and digital marketer who alchemizes business, technology and creative energies into high-performing systems of impact

I provide training, direction and digital marketing services to brands that are struggling to maximize their sales, develop bigger audiences and streamline their online experiences.

I work with "high-vibe, heart-centric" brands, entrepreneurs and organizations to create more effective and enjoyable ways of delivering their messaging and generating value.


I help heart-centric brands create meaningful websites, campaigns and content that improve the wellbeing of others while producing higher energetic viability for the brands.

I specialize in helping my clients identify and implement "business and lifestyle-friendly" solutions that maximize their energetic and financial investments.


We work together to identify new, regenerative and more sustainable means of generating incomes based on their specialties, gifts and willingness to apply (or improve) themselves in some areas.

We unravel 'old ways of doing things' and implement new solutions that focus on efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyability. 

I am most valuable to those who have a vision “a fire in their belly” and have been frustrated by the lack of support, options and directions offered elsewhere in the market. If this sounds like you, let’s talk:


My clients trust in me to use my technical and intuitive abilities to help them see room for growth, opportunity and expansion.
We focus on authenticity, viability and creating value for others. 


I'm here to provide skilled support, guidance and training in the areas that transform your ideas, gifts and messages into powerful systems of impact.


Wherever you are at in your journey, it's important you know you're not alone –we'll work together to find a solution that fits your budget, lifestyle and goals. I will meet you at the intersection between business, communication and technology to help find the path of least resistance and identify which areas will generate the highest return-on-investments (ROI's).


When we work together you have options:  I can either do the work for you (hourly rates start at $100) or I can be your ongoing support system by investing in the my increasingly popular ON-DEMAND SESSIONS where I can work with you to figure out, teach and guide you on how to do many of these things for yourself.