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Hello I'm Melanie The Digital Muse,
I'm an intuitive web developer and digital marketer who alchemizes business, technology and creative energies into high-performing systems of impact

I provide training, direction and digital marketing services to brands that are struggling to maximize their sales, develop bigger audiences and streamline their online experiences.

"I specialize in helping mission-based brands find better ways to invest their time, energy and money so they can enjoy bigger profits, purpose and passion"


I help heart-centric brands create meaningful websites, campaigns and content that improve the wellbeing of others while producing higher energetic viability for the brands.

I specialize in helping my clients identify and implement "business and lifestyle-friendly" solutions that maximize their energetic and financial investments.


We work together to identify new, regenerative and more sustainable means of generating incomes based on their specialties, gifts and willingness to apply (or improve) themselves in some areas.

We unravel 'old ways of doing things' and implement new solutions that focus on efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyability. 

I am most valuable to those who have a vision “a fire in their belly” and have been frustrated by the lack of support, options and directions offered elsewhere in the market. If this sounds like you, let’s talk:

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My clients trust in me to use my technical and intuitive abilities to help them see room for growth, opportunity and expansion.
We focus on authenticity, viability and creating value for others. 







“It’s like getting tech, marketing and web development support all in one really considerate and compassionate package”

Whether you need “just a little bit of help” or are looking for someone to "do it all for you" when you bring a Digital Muse on your team you fast-track your growth. You get the shortcuts, the experience and the affectionate approach to optimizing your workflow, strategies and investments. You get results. 


ON-DEMAND Sessions are built for brands and solopreneurs who have BIG GOALS and modest budgets. These sessions give you the clarity, confidence, structure and guided support to ACTUALLY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in a fraction of the time. We call this "collapsing timelines" and aligning you with real-life results.

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Melanie is a Canadian Web Developer, Digital Marketer and Creative Director with over 15 years experience helping independent brands and businesses develop and execute their visions for the digital age. She specializes in intuitive, psychological and user-centric design principals that create stimulating and well aligned campaigns that "serve a bigger purpose" beyond just revenue and traffic.

She coded her first website on a floppy disk and started her first company at the age of sixteen with the help of a youth entrepreneurship grant. Formally educated with a Bachelor of Design [B.Design] from York University & Sheridan College, Melanie has invested herself in over a decade of specialized education including post-degree certificates in Digital Business Management and platform-specific training.


When she’s not coding or focused on developing more value for her clients she can often be found stargazing, swimming, painting in the nearby woods. Her interests weave between business, psychology, spirituality and quantum physics. She is insatiably curious and loves to work with others who "feel that magnetic pull in their tummy" that guides them to help make the world a better place in their own way.


I love getting to work with "high-vibe, heart-centric" businesses to help them create more effective and enjoyable ways of delivering their messaging and generating value.



  • I work with those who want to make a difference in the lives of many, many other people by adding value to the marketplace in the form of transformative services, programs, packages, digital products and online experiences.

  • Generate higher, more sustainable and reliable levels of income that will directly scale with the continued effort and attention you put into them.

  • Gain access to high-level digital marketing support needed to confidently execute your vision and develop your specialized courses, memberships, coaching programs and digital products that will change people’s lives… 

  • Break past barriers and limiting beliefs that have kept them feeling lost, stuck, alone, broke, exhausted or "spinning in circles while trying to manifest".


I work exclusively with those who are ready, willing and able to make massive shifts in their business and professional missions. 




Some of the biggest distinguishing factors in my clients that double, triple (and in some cases QUADRUPLE) their monthly income is that they seem to be the ones who are most open to trying new things, putting in the work and knowing when to invest in me (or others) where their skills/strengths fall short. 


They come to me with a dream, a goal, a vision and trust in me to help provide them with the structure, skills and support they need to quickly build out their offers so they can launch them publicly and start drawing in sales as soon as possible.


My best clients are those who are open to taking direction, comfortable making executive decisions and genuinely want to serve others (working from the heart, not from ego or limitation)



  • Do you have a clear vision for yourself personally and professionally?

  • Do you have specialized knowledge, experience or wisdom you want to help share and impart on others?

  • Are you ready, willing and able to receive the kind of help, direction and support that will help you reach your goals?

  • Are you open to working as co-creators and collaborators; taking and giving direction with an upbeat and ‘can do’ attitude?

  • Have been trying to do “all of this technical, web and marketing stuff” on your own and wish someone would just come take it off your plate (or make it easier)?

Are you ready to invest in the solutions and support you need to overcome obstacles and bring you closer towards where you know you're meant to be?

If you're sitting there saying"yes! Yes! YES!" then it's safe to say we'll probably be a good fit for each other. Take me up on my invitation to book a complimentary Discovery Call and let's find out more about each other...

From websites, newsletters, booking and e-commerce systems: my clients rely on me to help free them from the burden of figuring it all out (or doing it all) on their own;

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Everyday I get to witness an extraordinary impact through my clients and their businesses.

Supporting their missions is what drives me to show up as my best self everyday and consistently work to improve my skills and understanding of their needs. I'm so grateful that our work together helps move their passions and concepts into real-world change.

Here are some recent testimonials from clients I've had the pleasure of working with.


 Amanda O'Reilly – NLP Coach, influencer, creator of Worthy Wands

 Maureen Sullivan – founder of Tree of Life, Energy Wellness Practitioner

"amazing, worth every penny!" 

Melanie is efficient with her time, quick to analyze your situation and offers insightful solutions. She is amazing and worth every penny!

— Jen Clark, TV Personality

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"Ready to move forward?"

Forget feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or unsure of where to start. You've got bigger things to do in this life than fuss with technology.

What are you feeling called to do, and how can I help?


Get know more about "the girl behind the brand" by peeking into my on Instagram


Tel: 613.619.4825

Ottawa & Douglas, ON, Canada


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Thanks! Mel will be in touch soon!

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