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Melanie is a Canadian Web Developer, Digital Marketer and Creative Director with over 15 years experience helping independent brands and businesses develop and execute their visions for the digital age. She specializes in intuitive, psychological and user-centric design principals that create stimulating and well aligned campaigns that "serve a bigger purpose" beyond just revenue and traffic.

She coded her first website on a floppy disk and started her first company at the age of sixteen with the help of a youth entrepreneurship grant. Formally educated with a Bachelor of Design [B.Design] from York University & Sheridan College, Melanie has invested herself in over a decade of specialized education including post-degree certificates in Digital Business Management and platform-specific training.


When she’s not coding or focused on developing more value for her clients she can often be found stargazing, swimming, painting in the nearby woods. Her interests weave between business, psychology, spirituality and quantum physics. She is insatiably curious and loves to work with others who "feel that magnetic pull in their tummy" that guides them to help make the world a better place in their own way.


The Digital Muse's mission is to POWERFULLY AMPLIFY health, wellness and mission-based brands by helping them address valuable gaps in their market and remove the tech/marketing-based barriers that are otherwise preventing them from being fully heard, understood and valued.

Our mission is driven by a deep knowing that "health is wealth" and the guiding principals that when we are able to show up as leaders in our own space we can help guide thousands of others towards higher quality versions of themselves, their relationships, businesses and communities.

The Magic is in COLLABORATION, CLARITY & CONFIDENCE: When you know who you are, where you're going and what role you have to play in a mission bigger than yourself the pieces tend to fall into place. The Digital Muse specializes in helping brands, foundations and solopreneurs "get more in tune with their own magic again". From there, it's simply a matter of helping them communicate, streamline and automate so their impact can reach even further across time and space.

Looking to get back in touch with your magic, or bring your brand to life with new levels of empathy, compassion and conversions? Let's talk!

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“It’s like getting tech, marketing and web development support all in one really considerate and compassionate package”

With a core focus on energetics, neuroscience and user-experience design The Digital Muse delivers powerful, intuitive and high-converting strategies for high-vibe, heart-centric brands who are ready to "cut through the noise" in a frenzied, overwhelming digital marketplace and lock in on an unwavering confidence to move through every challenge, opportunity and "little bits of magic" that come their way. 

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