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don't sell.

welcome to marketing
that doesn't suck.

Marketing sucks.

Especially if you're an "energy sensitive" (heart-centric empath, intuitive, conscious consumer; creator, etc.). 

If you're like us you've tried the whole social media marketing thing and found yourself burnt out, resentful or feeling "icky" about the whole "look at me, let me sell you stuff" angle that traditional marketing seems to rest on. 

welcome to marketing
that doesn't suck.

[$$$$] = 1 year of structure, support and confidence that you're doing "all the right things" to keep setting you (your business, your goals, your mission and your bigger-than-life purpose) up for success.

THE {---} PROGRAM gives you:

  • Foundational Awareness– a {#}-page book that you can read in under 2 hours that gives you directly applicable insight and awareness that will shift all that chaotic, frustrating and stressful "how do I do this??!" energy into "oh wow, all I have to do is THIS"... 

    • Consider it a re-introduction to the concept of marketing, written specifically for energy-sensitives in the digital age. Trade complexity for clarity: what simple, manageable things can you do to make a difference for your business (longterm, instead of shortterm?) 

      [ + updated, specialized 'modules' (blog posts, with specialized areas of focus and directly applicable exercises)] --mel's complexity feature.​

  • Specific Structures for Success– all success really is is a series of habits, patterns and beliefs with results that follow in their wake.

    • The current state of your body, finances and business are all directly proportionate to the DECISIONS you have made –nearly all decisions is impacted by patterns, habits, environments and beliefs.

    • We can set ourselves up for success (and specific results) by simply reverse engineering the structures, patterns, habits and beliefs we need to support that version of reality.

    • We BECOME the person who accomplishes those things, easily. 

    • Specifically, this looks like WORKSHOPS & TEMPLATES that gives our energy more consistent, predictable and healthy (fruitful, replenishing) ways to flow. [How we manage our time, 'incoming requests' {decision trees for energy, email and conflict management; how we structure our days, weeks, months, quarters and years; leaving room for 'whitespace' –-the part where we let Life show us the flow]. 

  • Someone you can reach out to, and talk to –sometimes all we really need is someone to talk things through with. This program gives you that, for 3-12 months at a time (based on the support you're looking for). Book a quick 10-20 minute call with me to talk things through and get unstuck; or book a 2-3hr workshop or Strategy & Development Session so we can "do some heavy lifting" and move forward quickly/more powerfully as a team. 

your options:


THE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: $1,500 (for 3 months) or $550/month. (2 calls/month + email and phone support).



this year is
going to be different...

Dear [Kristin],

This year is going to be different for you, your purpose and your mission.


This year I'd like to give you somewhere for all that beautiful, well-intended (motivated, ambitious, heart-centric and 'ready to serve, but sometimes need to recharge and cocoon' --'and also I don't like social media') energy to flow when it presents itself. 

This year I'd like to trust that when you feel inspired or 'called to' reach out and serve more people (and/or earn more money) that you have as many of the systems in place to help SERVE YOU.


I call these "Systems for Success" and over the last 5 years, they've completely transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined. [Read more about my story here]. They are more than just "marketing strategies" –they are lifestyle and energy-investment/management practices that just happen to also bring an increasing amount of success to you (rather than you chasing it).


Put simply, this is my way of giving you everything I could ever want you to know, have (or be aware of) so you can feel increasingly supported in the chapters to come. If I am sharing this with you it's because I believe in your mission and your purpose.

this year is
going to be different...


2 sessions/month + email/phone support (book a 10-20 min call with me when needed; 10am-10:30am or 4:30-5pm) + definitive guidelines, structures and systems for success: $500/month. [It's like having a VA, Business Partner, Friend & Marketing Agency all in one]. 

$300/month gets you 2 sessions; $500/month gets you 2 sessions + phone/email support and 2-3 VA tasks*/month. 

The difference this year is going to have, because you joined the Digital Muse Partnership Program: 

A) Quarterly Goals

B) Monthly Sprints

C) Background Development

D) Ongoing Support

This year, we're going to give your energy updated systems to invest itself in (and see more predictable growth through). 


- (Move towards scalability) 


"As a partnership we're setting ourselves up for more success..."

"DISCOVERABILITY" (SEO) is the focus: 

  • Establishing you as a growing authority in your space

  • Monthly, quarterly (and in some cases weekly) 'publications' with audience, keyword and intention-based focuses. ["Plans to release a blog, article, video or interview on a consistent basis that builds up our voice online, adds dimension to our brand/work and helps solve, shift or improve somebody else's life for the better"] 


  • Meeting on a regular basis (bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly) to discuss and work towards key goals, objectives and themes.

  • Giving you the support, infrastructure and guidance (and in many cases accountability) to accomplish more than if you were doing it all alone. We work as a team to keep giving you momentum, clarity and progress.



  • Developing a specialized (lifestyle, energy-specific) strategy and supporting "Structures for success". 

  • Quarterly Workshops to identify key goals; develop and test theories within ("making room for play, curiosity and mood/energy/vibe-specific periods") 

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