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I saw a 3 year old girl dressed as a princess breaking down in a thrift store today because because her dad was holding 2 *beautiful tea cups* and was telling her "she could only have one... which one was it going to be?"

I watched him move the tearful negotiation to the line at the cashier where he put an extra layer of weight on the decision making process for the girl... now alarmingly aware that she had minutes to make her selection.

A further meltdown ensued...

It made me realize how much SHE WAS LIKE SO MANY OF MY CLIENTS (and other people I care about. Yes I'm looking at you friend). Maybe not so much the tearful temper tantrums but definitely the inability to just simply and swiftly **MAKE A DECISION**

HERE ARE SOME TAKEAWAYS I've learned over the last 12-15 years in my career as a Digital Developer & Project Manager that might come in handy the next time you find yourself in throes of indecision:

FACT #1: I've seen projects go weeks (MONTHS) past their timelines because my clients can't make up their minds about key (and sometimes quite insignificant) variables.

FACT #2: Oftentimes the decisions we are making (in my line of work) are SUBJECTIVE – there is rarely ONE right answer.

THE SECRET TO SUCCESS 9/10 times we're better off making A SWIFT DECISION and then LEARNING from it (or adjusting based on feedback). #FailFaster, that's honestly the secret to everything. The tenth time we're better off taking a bit of extra time to get the facts straight, look at other relatable examples and if in doubt: checking in with your gut.


  • Your intuition knows the way.

  • Don't let indecision stunt or kill your dreams.

  • Make the call, learn from it and FAIL FASTER love


If you or someone you know has been STUCK ON A PROJECT for weeks (or months) and are looking for help making swift decisions so you can get to the next stage of THE DREAM, reach out, I got you babe


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